About Us

Starz Worldwide Distribution (www.starzglobal.com) is the global television licensing arm of Starz. Starz Worldwide Distribution licenses STARZ Original series and is a leading distributor of other owned and licensed third party programming including movies, television series, documentaries, children's programming, and other video content. Starz Worldwide Distribution is a Starz (NASDAQ: STRZA, STRZB) business, www.starz.com.


Worldwide Distribution Sales Team
Gene George
Executive Vice President Worldwide Distribution
email: gene.george@starz.com
Alecia Dixon-Kurschner
Vice President, Domestic Television Sales
email: alecia.dixon@starz.com
Alisha Engelgau
Vice President Worldwide Distribution
email: alisha.engelgau@starz.com
Meggan Kimberley
Sales Executive, Worldwide Distribution
email: meggan.kimberley@starz.com
Todd Bartoo
Senior Manager, Sales & Acquisitions
email: todd.bartoo@starz.com

Digital Sales Team
Michael Messina
Vice President, Digital Media
Email: digitalinfo@starz.com
Magda Grace
Senior Manager, Digital Media
Email: digitalinfo@starz.com

Other Important Contacts
Richard Schultz
Director, Distribution and Fulfillment
email: richard.schultz@starz.com
Kristen Stanisz-Bedno
Senior Manager, Marketing
email: kristen.stanisz-bedno@starz.com

For All Other Inquiries
email: info@starz.com