About Us

Starz Worldwide Distribution (http://www.starzglobal.com) is a leading global distributor of movies, televisions series, documentaries, children's programming, and other video content. Starz Worldwide Distribution licenses and syndicates Starz original series and other owned and licensed third party programming on a worldwide basis. Starz Worldwide Distribution's partnerships with independent producers provide high-quality and diverse programming to its clients, while its experience in the field distinguishes it as a premier supplier in the global content marketplace. Starz Worldwide Distribution is a Starz (NASDAQ: STRZA, STRZB) business, www.starz.com.


Worldwide Distribution Sales Team
Gene George
Executive Vice President Worldwide Distribution
email: gene.george@starz.com
Alecia Dixon-Kurschner
Vice President, Domestic Television Sales
email: alecia.dixon@starz.com
Alisha Engelgau
Vice President Worldwide Distribution
email: alisha.engelgau@starz.com
Meggan Kimberley
Sales Executive, Worldwide Distribution
email: meggan.kimberley@starz.com
Todd Bartoo
Senior Manager, Sales & Acquisitions
email: todd.bartoo@starz.com

Digital Sales Team
Michael Messina
Vice President, Digital Media
Email: michael.messina@starz.com
Magda Grace
Manager, Digital Media
Email: magda.grace@starz.com

Other Important Contacts
Richard Schultz
Director, Distribution and Fulfillment
email: richard.schultz@starz.com
Kristen Stanisz-Bedno
Senior Manager, Marketing
email: kristen.stanisz-bedno@starz.com

For All Other Inquiries
email: info@starz.com